Developing the images

The ideas for the window are developing nicely as I finish the artwork stage, and prepare to build the full scale mock up.

Few stained glass windows have large expanses of colour if they are constructed using the traditional method. Therefore, to make the final version as near to the real thing as possible I added lines of leading. These helped to break up large areas of colour and made the whole thing feel more authentic.

Leading in a stained glass window is almost pure lead (about 98%) so it is very malleable. Formed in an H section, the pieces of coloured glass fit into the recess in the H and this holds all the shapened pieces in place. The cross bars that you sometimes see through the coloured glass can be made of copper, another softish metal, and therefore bent to assume the shape of one of the elements of the leaded window, and thus they are not seen as in older windows.

Note how the position and wording has changed from the original drawing.

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