Thatcham Library refurbishment

In spring of 2006 I was invited to submit ideas for artwork to compliment a library refurbishment in Thatcham, Berkshire. The concept that I suggested was kind of a continuation of the work that I had done in Oxford, combining words and pictures relevant to the proposed siting of the artwork.

As it was a library you could really have anything in the English language, so I read through many, many books and poems and listened to more music than I do normally to come up with a varied shortlist that should appeal to most ages and tastes. The selection went from The Domesday Book in which Thatcham is listed, to Shakespeare to The Kaiser Chiefs, and even some html code in the piece top right.

Some of the pictures were abstract patterns/images, but the long, thin multipanel pieces had backgrounds of the surrounding town and countryside taken as 360 degree panoramas. Colours were bright, as per my preferred palette, but tinted towards the new fixtures and fittings that were destined to be installed.

In total, 9 pieces were commissioned, the largest being some 4.5 metres in length.

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