Finishing & installing the mosaic

In the final stages of the project there was still a great deal to do; filling in any details that remained to be completed in the mosaic panels, cleaning and polishing, arranging the lighting and groundwork and manufacturing the black granite surround that would contain relevant dates relating to the history of the town. Lastly, we had to pray for fine weather as the groundwork would be delayed in the event of rain. It was essential that this project be completed within the Mayoral tenure of Mike Rodger so the pressure was on!

I did not look forward to the end of the project, but deadlines are deadlines, and all our efforts were concentrated on getting the mosaic complete and in the ground on time.

The mosaic was photographed, panel by panel by Jo Andreae who gave her time generously and for little financial reward. Cards were made up for the opening and the ceremony planned. Mike Rodger was tireless in his efforts to make all was in place for the hand over of ownership to the Town Council and the people of Newbury.

It's funny how circumstances bring you down to earth when you are thinking about other things. On the last day of building; a Saturday; after 12 months of concentrated work, as I left after completing the final details, I locked the studio and walked over to my car, and I had got a parking ticket!

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