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Paintings and other work by Paul Forsey

Norbert Lynton once described the painter Albert Irvin as "having nothing up his sleeves but working arms . . .". For some artists this kind of comment would be very insulting. What Lynton meant is that Irvin is an unpretentious painter, and that he painstakingly follows his chosen path, accepting or rejecting influences as they come along in a calm and considered way. I hope that those who see my work might place me in the same pigeon hole as Irvin.

I seek to blur the boundaries between art and design and create work that is both coherent and balanced, working at specific themes time and again.

A great deal of my work is commissioned and research based; that is the careful examination of a given subject combined with the collection of data on or around that subject. Through the examination of the themes and consideration of the research material, either factual or mythological, a direction will begin to emerge. That is not to say that all work that I produce is different, but the themes of religion, conflict and history, including art history, are paramount and run through most of what I do. Within these themes and methods of work, I try to maintain an open mind about where a particular area of research will go. My work has been described as "through careful research, it has the authority to speak".

Bible, Mosaic and NSF window all describe the process of working on commissioned projects. Bible and Mosaic were huge undertakings, the first lasting over 2 years and the second 12 months.

Over the last couple of years I have been approached to undertake many digital projects. With many years experience in design for print and web, this has added a new dimension to my work. I note with hindsight that much of my work is quite graphic and I feel that this gives it accessibility. I hope that the Oxford banners, Panoramas and Thatcham Library display this.

This site gives an overview of much of my work, and I do hope that you find the pages informative and entertaining. If there is any aspects that you wish to comment on, or wish to discuss possibilities of future projects, please get in touch through the contact page.

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