Digital work is either computer or camera based, freehand, or a combination of all three. For this work, software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, QuarkXpress or RealViz Stitcher are used. Image segments are from either photo libraries, my own photographs, direct scans or entirely software generated. I am also keen on the combination of works and pictures, examples can be seen in Oxford banners and Thatcham Library.

Some work includes the juxtaposition of both still and moving images using Adobe Premier and Quicktime Pro, which is then projected onto large screens for viewing. The exhibition 'Boxford Masques' used this process where I worked in cooperation with a film maker, composer and set designer (not shown as site specific).

More recently, I have also been working on photographing 360 degree panoramas which is an interesting technique. You can see both the still photographs and how they convert into quicktime movies.

I have completed 5 large format vehicle 'wraps' for community based organisations. Work for West Berkshire Council has been shortlisted for a British Library design award.

The collection of photographs are quite 'straight' and with a minimum of manipulation.

PixelPainting is, for me, digital work in its purest form, with free play between images, ideas and text. The only limitation is memory!

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Oxford banners
Thatcham Library