To date I have been involved in the production of four published books.I painted the cover for Sharing Life Through Advent; was involved in the writing for Teachers Guide; The Life of Jesus Through the eyes of an Artist is based entirely on the 24 paintings produced about the life of Jesus; and the Newbury Mosaic is a book that I wrote, compiled, designed and produced for Newbury Town Council about the year of the Mosaic project.

All books are available from Amazon, and the Newbury Mosaic is available at bookstores in Newbury, West Berkshire or direct from this website. The Life of Jesus, teachers guide and Advent are available from many high street bookstores, especially SPCK, or at many online outlets. Please click on the graphics above to obtain details.

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The Newbury Mosaic
The Life of Jesus through
the eyes of an artist
Teachers Guide
Sharing life through Advent