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For some time I had been working on small paintings that, in a sense, rediscovered illuminated manuscripts and how the masters that created them approached their subject. The storytelling is very direct, the picture plane flat and the colours strong with a good deal of gold.

I was also (and still am) very interested in early Renaissance painters and mosaicists such as Cimabue, Duccio, Giotto. Their influence and style was feeding into my work, albeit at a very unsophisticated level.

During the summer of 2000, I was commissioned by the Diocese of Oxford to make a series of work relating to Advent. This involved painting four pieces taken from selected passages. These summarized the development of my 'illuminations' so far (first four paintings above).

The fifth painting is a commission for the cover of the book 'Sharing Life Through Advent'. It is quite interesting to see these together, as four years had elapsed between Annunciation and Modern Advent. The style, I think, has become much more sophisticated and dynamic, and the colours much stronger, and it is not until you see them next to each other that you begin to realise how far you have traveled.

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Pictured on exhibition at West Berkshire Community Hospital